I'm an animation writer/artist with a focus on comedic storytelling.
Outside of that, my interests include neon colors and formulating short sentences about myself.


University of California, Los Angeles
MFA Animation
University of California, San Diego
BA Interdisciplinary Computing


Festival Awards:
Montreal World Film Festival
Best Animation Production
CEC Shorttakes Film Festival
Best In Show
Independent Filmmaker’s Showcase
Best Animated Short
LA Independent Artist Film Festival
Best Animated Short
Best Shorts Competition
Award of Merit

Festival Screenings:
Chicago Int. Reel Shorts
Crystal Palace Int. Film Festival
Environmental Film Festival at Yale
LA Comedy Fest
Chicago Comedy Film Fest
Byron Bay International Film Festival
LA Femme Film Festival
Roseville Festival of Animation

Academic Awards:
Card Walker Memorial Fellowship
Vincent E. DeFrances Scholarship
Groening Fellowship
UCLA Graduate Fellowship
Jerry M. Cox Memorial Award
UCSD Provost Honors

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